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Elouise H. McGimpsey
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By Evangelist H. McGimpsey
2016, We are making new changes   The Best of Art and Poetry.There  will be more Videos and music with a  Inspirational Theme. Hope to see you this year......

A Poet Prayer

O Lord, Help me to write with inspiration

to allow the whole world to see,

the depths of God's  love alive within me.

Help me  to write, not in selfish pride.

Help me to reach out to show,

we are all one in His forgiving eyes.

Allow my writings to be... a light

in the pathways  of darkness.

Chasing away the clouds of pains

bringing in sunshine instead of rain.

Help me to share the beauty of reaching

out every where.

Always finding you there to answer

my every prayer.

E.McGimpsey  1983  ©

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Author of: "The  Truth Shall Set You Free”Facts Everyone Need to Know, In  Order To Understand  the Truth
The very best of Art and Poetry and Inspirational Greeting Cards  and original verses  to suit the occasion and the original paintings of the  artist and  author  of  “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

Listen to the wonderful sounds of  E. H.  McGimpsey's poems  set to music that soothes the heart and
mind in her Inspirational CDs.       

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