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Evangelist Elouise H. McGimpsey Born; Enfield, North Carolina, October 31, 1941; Education; Eastman High School, Diploma, Newark Industrial School of Fine Art, College, Union County College, computer network,; Two years training in Vista & Social Service. Occupations, Organist, Freelance Artist; Minister, Published Poet:
Published Poems: I Lived My Life So Swiftly, 1983 Every Stage of Life? 1980.  My Price Is Very High, 1991 
The Truth Shall Set You Free Cover  is an original
oil painting of Elouise Hunter McGimpsey, the Author of the The Truth Shall set You Free. In the contents of this book are eleven other paintings by Elouise H. McGimpsey. It can be found on many other sites. It was published by iUniverse , March 2007
The Information  found in this book have been used for many bible studies, and it holds  many facts and knowledge sort after by many religious’ scholars.
Think About It !

 If you cannot please everybody, please yourself and you will find happiness.It has always been our nature to please others and this is not a bad thing.
Yet we must remember when we please so many, we have a way of not pleasing ourselves.This is one of the reasons we find ourselves unhappy. There is a special place inside ourselves which needs special attention.

It is also a silent rule written, that we must remember to please ourselves in order to be genuine in pleasing others

By Elouise H. McGimpsey ©

Daily Wisdom
It takes a wise man to be
small enough to fit in places
designed by man, and still have room 
for God's wonderful  plan.
by Elouise H. McGimpsey ©
If   we could only see the beauty in the smaller things,we would learn to face our tomorrows without sadness and pains.Realizing the bright 
sunshine is only hidden behind the clouds each time it rains.
  By Elouise H. McGimpsey ©

His  Peace By Elouise H.McGimpsey

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The Black MaDonna

by Elouise H. McGimpsey

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