The Very Best of  Art, Poetry. Music,  and Writings
Elouise H. McGimpsey
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By Evangelist H. McGimpsey
2015 We are making new changes   In  The very Best of Art, Music and Writings from Elouise H. McGimpsey
A  TTM Production. 
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We are living in a  world today, that faces so many great needs.  The sad part about it,we seem to have lost all directions to lead us back to the way it use to be, or to the way that would lead us to the correct path. We can't solve the problem because we are the problem and to come to  fixing this problems, we must  learn how to fix ourselves. We today must seek a greater source of understanding and learn to draw
from the one that ordered our steps upon the land that we were given permission to
occupy. When we can obey God's rules of living, we can once again bring to the world real peace.

Every tree planted upon this earth leave's  gifts of their seeds behind, so that they will always be remembered as one of a kind. E. H. M.

My thought for  today: So many  have missed the  blessings ordained  for our lives because we are chasing the dreams of others, without realizing  we could use the time to chase our own.

Author of: "The  Truth Shall Set You Free”Facts Everyone Need to Know, In  Order To Understand  the Truth
The very best of Art and Poetry and Inspirational Greeting Cards  and original verses  to suit the occasion and the original paintings of the  artist and  author  of  “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

Listen to the wonderful sounds of  E. H.  McGimpsey's poems  set to music that soothes the heart and
mind in her Inspirational CDs.       

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